Join The Event’,Indonesian Climate Change Aware’.

24 Oct 2009


AYO.., Membuat Indonesia Lebih Hijau & Bersih.

Hari : Sabtu, 24 Oct 2009

International Day Of Climate Action

Jam : 16.00 Wib - 18.00 Wib.

Tempat : Simpang 4 Jl. Fatmawati Raya & TB Simatupang

Jakarta Selatan 12430.

The Main Idea of the events is to make Indonesian people to Aware of Climate Change That Happen in the world especially in Indonesia from JHM, by Spreading a 1000 sticker, placing 1 Big Banner and sharing a Garbage Disposal. We hope that Indonesian people are more aware for the Environtment damage that happen surround Us.., this event will Symbolicly begin with Planting 24 Seeds and Trees surround the Multimotor Building Areas, where the events took held…, this event is also as a beginning for a campaign that Indonesian Days of Sumpah Pemuda At Oct, 28th 2009, that the Youngster of Indonesian people should aware Of the efeect of Global Warming’.

Many Thank to Support Us.





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